sealed class Tinman.Terrain.Pyramids.UrlPatternPyramid

Derived from

HttpPyramid abstract

A IPixelPyramid implementation that can be used to access various web-based tile provider services (e.g. WMTS).

Public / Constructors


public constructor UrlPatternPyramid → (8)

pattern in : Label

The URL pattern to use (see remarks).

tileSize in : int32

The tile size, in pixels.

levels in : int32

The number of pyramid levels (see IPyramidBase.Levels), which might not be the same as the number of tile matrices (see TileMatrixCount); see UrlPatternMode.TiledNon1x1 for details).

mode in : UrlPatternMode

The URL pattern mode to use.

flags opt : PyramidFlags = PyramidFlags.None

The pyramid flags.

georef opt : Raster = null

The geo-reference of the pyramid. If null, Raster.PopularMercator will be used.

http opt : ISimpleHttp own = null

The custom ISimpleHttp object to use. If null, a new instance of SimpleHttp will be used.

defaultSrgb opt : bool = true

The default color-space behaviour, see ISimpleHttp.GetImage.

Creates a new instance of UrlPatternPyramid.

The placeholders of the given URL pattern in are interpreted as specified by the chosen UrlPatternMode (see mode in parameter):

Public / Methods


2 overloads

public method TileMatrixId1 → (1)

index in : int32

The tile matrix index.

returns → string

The tile matrix ID

Returns the ID of the given tile matrix, i.e. the value for the {0} placeholder in URL pattern.

public method TileMatrixId2 → (2)

index in : int32

The tile matrix index.

name in : string

The tile matrix ID.

Sets the ID of the given tile matrix, i.e. the value for the {0} placeholder in URL pattern.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Bounds → (get,set)

value : Box2D

The bounding box.

The bounding box for geo-coordinates (only applies for UrlPatternMode.Contiguous).

Getting a pyramid tilea that is fully outside of the bounding box will return TileDataResult.Void.

Defaults to the bounds of the whole pixel pyramid.


public attribute TileMatrixCount → (get)

value : int32

The number of tile matrices.

Returns the number of tile matrices.

If the zero-th tile matrix has a size of 1x1, the tile matrix level count is equal to the pyramid level count (see IPyramidBase.Levels).