abstract class Tinman.Terrain.Pyramids.PixelPyramid

Abstract base class for IPixelPyramid implementations.

Public / Constructors


public static method Builder → (1)

pyramid opt : IPyramidBase = null

An optional pyramid from which to copy creation parameters.

returns → PixelPyramidBuilder

The pixel pyramid builder object.

Builds a pixel pyramid.

These builder properties are initialized from pyramid opt (if not null, calling these methods in the given order:

All other properties will have the default value.

Public / Attributes


public static attribute Datasets → (get)

value : PixelPyramidCollection

The dataset collection.

The shared collection of pixel pyramid datasets.

Protected / Constructors


2 overloads

protected constructor PixelPyramid1 → (1)

pyramid in : IPyramidBase

The pyramid to take values from for IPyramidBase.TileSize, IPyramidBase.FullSize and IPyramidBase.TilePad.

Creates a new instance of PixelPyramid.

protected constructor PixelPyramid2 → (4)

type in : MapType

The map type.

tileSize in : int32

The tile size.

fullSize in : int32

The size of the bottom-most level.

tilePad in : int32

The tile pad width.

Creates a new instance of PixelPyramid.



public static attribute Config → (get)

value : IConfigurator<IPixelPyramid>

The configurator object.

The configurator object for this type.