interface Tinman.Engine.Rendering.IGraphicsFence

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GraphicsFence abstract

A graphics fence that allows the CPU to wait until the GPU has finished processing its commands.

The Set and Wait methods may only be called between paired calls to IBeginEnd.Begin and IBeginEnd.End of the owning IGraphicsContext object.

Public / Methods


public method Set → ()

Places a fence in the command buffer of the GPU, discarding the previous placement, if any.


public method Wait → (1)

time opt : int32 = 0

Maximum time to wait for the GPU to finish command processing, in milli-seconds. If 0, the method will not wait.

returns → bool

true if the GPU has finished all commands up to the placed fence,
false if the GPU is still processing some commands.

Checks if the GPU has finished all commands up to the fence that has been placed earlier with Set.

This method will always return true as long as Set has not been called yet, i.e. there is an implicit fence in the infinite past that has already been processed.