User Interface


The Tinman 3D SDK includes a GUI API which can be used to embed light-weight graphical user interfaces in applications.

The GUI API is intended to be used for rapid prototyping, verification and testing.


The SDK contains several ready-to-use GUI components that can be used to quickly inspect and interact with runtime objects, for example terrain meshes, scene lighting or shadow mapping.

Each component attaches to a certain runtime object of the SDK with minimal coding overhead, to make it easy to include it in applications.


Widgets are complex GUI components that represent a high-level concept of the SDK, for example a terrain object, a 3D model or a 2D map canvas. They are intended to be used as-is, without providing means for extensive customization.

Widgets are provided with full source code and can thus be used as tutorials for using the SDK.


A widget may define a number of control panels, which are presented to the user. The Demo Application includes various default controls.

See Controls for details.


A widget may define editor panels to allow the user to manipulate the widget content. In the Demo Application, several standard editors can be found.

See Editors for details.