sealed class Tinman.Core.Cx.Expressions.CxExpressionBinary

An binary expression:

a = b     a += b    a /= b
a &= b    a |= b    a ^= b
a %= b    a *= b    a <<= b
a >>= b   a -= b    a == b
a > b     a >= b    a < b
a <= b    a != b    a && b
a || b    a & b     a | b
a ^ b     a as b    a is b
a + b     a / b     a % b
a * b     a << b    a >> b
a - b

Public / Constructors


public constructor CxExpressionBinary → (3)

left in : CxExpression

See Left.

op in : CxBinary

See Op.

right in : CxExpression

See Right.

Creates a new instance of CxExpressionBinary.

Public / Attributes


public attribute IsRightAssociative → (get)

value : bool

true if the operator is right-associative,
false if the operator is left-associative.

Returns the associativity of the binary operator.

See also



public attribute Left → (get)

value : CxExpression

The left-side value expression.

Returns the left-side value expression.


public attribute Op → (get,set)

value : CxBinary

The operator.

The binary operator.


public attribute Right → (get)

value : CxExpression

The right-side value expression.

Returns the right-side value expression.