interface System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerator<T out>

Extended by

EnumeratorBase abstract

Base interface for classes that enumerate over a sequence of values.

A newly created enumerator object is always positioned before the first element.

Public / Methods


public method Dispose → ()

Disposes this enumerator object.

This method may be called when neither MoveNext nor Current will be called any more on this enumerator object.


public method MoveNext → ()

returns → bool

true : the enumerator has moved to the next value,
false : there are no more values in the sequence.

Tries to move to the next sequence value.


public method MoveNextOwn → ()

returns → bool

The result of MoveNext. If false, this enumerator object will have been disposed.

Calls MoveNext, followed by a call to Dispose, if it has returned false.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Current → (get)

value : T

The current sequence value.

Returns the current sequence value.

This property may only be accessed after MoveNext has returned true.