interface Tinman.Core.Logging.ILogMessageHandler

Extended by

LogMessageHandler abstract
VerbosityMessageHandler sealed

Base interface for classes that handle log messages.

Public / Methods


public method ChangeVerbosity → (1)

verbosity in : LogVerbosity

The new maximum log verbosity.

returns → ILogMessageHandler

The resulting log message handler.

Changes the maximum log verbosity of this handler.


public method HandleLogMessage → (3)

source in : ILogger

The ILogger that has been used to emit the log message.

logVerbosity in : LogVerbosity

The LogVerbosity of the log message.

logMessage in : string

The log message

Handles the given log message.

All exceptions that are thrown by implementing methods are dropped silently.


public method IsRedundant → (1)

other in : ILogMessageHandler

The other handler.

returns → bool

true if this log message handler is redundant, false if not.

Checks if this log message handler is redundant if the given one is already present.