sealed class Tinman.AddOns.DirectX12.DirectX12PrimitiveRenderer

Derived from

PrimitiveRenderer abstract

Full source code is included in the Tinman 3D SDK download.

Implementation of the IPrimitiveRenderer interface for a Direct3D 12 render pipeline.

When obtained via IGraphicsContext.PrimitiveRenderer, the draw buffer (see IPrimitiveRenderer.Buffer) has an element size of 20 bytes and the following layout:

struct DrawIndexedInstancedArguments {
  UINT IndexCountPerInstance;
  UINT InstanceCount;
  UINT StartIndexLocation;
  INT BaseVertexLocation;
  UINT StartInstanceLocation;

Public / Constructors


public constructor DirectX12PrimitiveRenderer → (1)

pipeline in : RenderPipeline

The pipeline object to use.

Creates a new instance of DirectX12PrimitiveRenderer.