struct Tinman.Terrain.Meshing.PlantingBatch

Output batch of the Planting class.

PlantingBatch values have the following natural sort order:

  1. GeometryId (ascending)

The Range method can used to obtain the geometry instance range in the VertexBufferCache object.

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Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Empty → (PlantingBatch)

The empty batch.

Public / Methods


public method Bounds → (2)

planting in : Planting

The Planting object that has created this batch.

bounds in : BoxSoup

The output box soup.

Outputs the bounds of this planting batch to the given box soup.


public method Chunk → (1)

planting in : Planting

The enclosing Planting object.

returns → PlantingChunk

The PlantingChunk value.

Returns the PlantingChunk value for this batch.


public method Range → (1)

cache in : VertexBufferCache

The instance cache (see Planting.InstanceCache).

returns → RangeI

The instance range of this batch. Will be empty (see RangeI.IsEmpty) if the batch is not present in the given cache in.

Returns the instance data range of this batch in the given instance cache.

Public / Attributes


public readonly attribute GeometryId → (int32)

The geometry ID of this batch.


public attribute Index → (get)

value : int32

The zero-based batch index.

Returns the index of this batch in the containing geometry chunk.