sealed class Tinman.AddOns.OpenFlight.OpenFlightModelFormat

Derived from

ModelFormat abstract

Full source code is included in the Tinman 3D SDK download.

A ModelFormat implementation for:
OpenFlight API v22.0

The OpenFlightModelFormat is available if any of the following native libraries is present in the search path of the process:

  • 'mgapilib' : dynamic link library

If the OpenFlight API has been installed locally, the libraries can be found there, for example:


The OpenFlight API binaries are not included in the Tinman 3D SDK. However, an application may choose to bundle and redistribute them, in accordance to the Presagis Software Licence Agreement, which does not require Tinman 3D to be involved in any way.

The ModelFormat.ReadModel method of this file format returns an OpenFlightModelReader object that supports the following options: settings:

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Instance → (ModelFormat)

Singleton instance of OpenFlightModelFormat.

The enclosing process must use the MG class to declare that it will be using the OpenFlight API.