struct Tinman.Terrain.Tools.CanvasBlock

Describes a block on a canvas.

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Public / Attributes


public readonly attribute Bounds → (Box2I)

The block bounds (see remarks).

Block region that shall be used. Usually, this will be the whole block, except when a lower resolution block is used to fill in a block that is still being loaded.


public readonly attribute Edge → (int32)

The edges that the block touches (only for rectangular canvases).

1 : left edge
2 : top edge
4 : right edge
8 : bottom edge


public readonly attribute Index → (int32)

The block index (see remarks).

  • >= 0
    Cache index of the loaded block, in the range [0..CacheSize-1].

  • -1
    The block does not exist. This only happens for zoomed-out views on cubemap datasets.

  • -2
    Block has not yet been loaded or the maximum number of pending blocks has been reached.

  • <= -3
    Cache index of block being loaded, in the range [0..CacheSize-1], encoded as: -3-index.

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