enum Tinman.Engine.Application.ApplicationLoopResult

Enumeration of result values for invocations of the main application loop.

Public / Constants


public constant Busy → (0:int32)

The application is busy, ApplicationLoop.MainLoop should be called again as soon as possible.

While busy, an application renders new frames continuously, i.e. the IRenderable.Render method is called periodically.


public constant Idle → (1:int32)

The application is idle, ApplicationLoop.MainLoop should be called after a couple of milli-seconds.

An application is considered idle if IApplicationWindow.ProcessSystemMessages, IInputConsumer.ConsumeInput and IUpdateableFrameTime.UpdateFrameTime have returned false. In this case, frame rendering will be skipped, i.e. IRenderable.Render will not be called.

Also, an application is running idle if the application window is hidden (see WindowState.Hidden) or if the client-area is empty.


public constant Quit → (2:int32)

The application has terminated, the ApplicationLoop must be disposed.


public constant Headless → (3:int32)

The application is suspended because the graphics subsystem is not ready.