abstract class Tinman.Terrain.Pyramids.PyramidBase

Derived from

Disposable abstract

Extended by

Pyramid abstract

Abstract base class for IPyramidBase implementations.

Protected / Constructors


2 overloads

protected constructor PyramidBase1 → (1)

pyramid in : IPyramidBase

The pyramid to take values from for IPyramidBase.TileSize, IPyramidBase.FullSize and IPyramidBase.TilePad.

Creates a new instance of PyramidBase.

protected constructor PyramidBase2 → (4)

type in : MapType

The map type.

tileSize in : int32

The tile size.

fullSize in : int32

The size of the bottom-most level.

tilePad in : int32

The tile pad width.

Creates a new instance of PyramidBase.

Protected / Methods


2 overloads

protected virtual method DoHasTileData1 → (1)

region in : MapRegion

The output region. Will never be null.

Collects the regions on the bottom-most level where data content is available.

protected abstract method DoHasTileData2 → (4)

face in : CubemapFace

The cubemap face.

level in : int32

The pyramid level.

in : int32

The tile X-coordinate.

in : int32

The tile Y-coordinate.

returns → bool

true if data content is available, false if not.

Checks if data content for the given pyramid tile exists.

The given pyramid tile coordinates are always valid.


If an I/O error has occurred while checking.


protected method ShallClearCaches → (1)

flags in : ClearCacheFlags

The clear cache flags.

returns → bool

true if caches shall be cleared,
false if no caches shall be cleared.

Checks if this pyramid matches the given clear flags in.

This method checks the following clear flags:

Protected / Attributes


protected readonly attribute fullSize → (int32)

The full pyramid size.

This is the size of the bottom-most pyramid level, given in tile pixels.


protected readonly attribute levels → (int32)

The number of pyramid levels.


protected attribute onUpdated → (EventGeneric<PyramidEventArgs>)

The event object of IPyramidBase.OnUpdated.


protected readonly attribute tilePad → (int32)

The pad width of this cube pyramid.


protected readonly attribute tileSize → (int32)

Size of a pyramid tile, in pixels.


protected readonly attribute tileSizeShift → (int32)

Logarithm of base two of tileSize.



public static readonly attribute Logger → (ILogger)

The logger object of this class.