abstract class Tinman.Core.Cx.CxType

Abstract base for classes that represent a reference to a Code-X data type.

The ICxReference.Resolved property may return the following values:

The CxNode.CanHaveParent property of CxTypeSimple returns false, so its ICxReference.Resolved property will always return null. To resolve a CxTypeSimple, the ResolvedContext method must be used with a suitable context node.

Public / Constructors


public static method FromSource → (1)

source in : string

The source code.

returns → CxType

The parsed type reference.

Parses the given type reference.


If the syntax of source in is invalid.

See also


Public / Methods


public virtual method AsArray → (1)

depth opt : int32 = 1

The array depth, see CxTypeArray.Depth.

returns → CxTypeArray

The array type.

Creates a new instance of CxTypeArray, using this type as array element type.


public abstract method ResolvedContext → (1)

context in : CxNode

The context node to use for resolving this CxType or null. Will be ignored if CxNode.CanHaveParent returns true.

returns → CxNode

The CxNode this reference has resolved to or null if not resolved or if IPsiNode.Resolve has not yet been called.

Returns the resolved reference.

Public / Attributes


public virtual attribute CanNew → (get)

value : bool

true if this type may be used as ICxTypeContainer.Type,
false if not.

May this type be used with CxExpressionNew?