interface Tinman.Engine.Application.IApplicationRunner

Provides access to the context that is running the current IApplication.

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Public / Methods


public method ResetGraphicsContext → (1)

which opt : int32 = -1

The graphics context factory to use when re-creating the graphics context. If -1, the same factory will be used. Defaults -1.

Reset the current graphics context.

Public / Attributes


public attribute AvailableGraphicsContexts → (get)

value : IVectorConst<string>

The graphics context factory list.

Returns a list of available graphics context factories.


public attribute CanFullscreen → (get)

value : bool

true if Fullscreen can be set to true, false if not.

Can the application be put into full-screen mode?


public attribute CurrentGraphicsContext → (get)

value : int32

Index of current graphics context factory.

Returns the factory that has created the current graphics context.


public attribute Fullscreen → (get,set)

value : bool

true if the application is running in full-screen mode,
false if it is running in windowed mode.

Is the application running in full-screen mode?

For various reasons, it may not be possible to put the application in full-screen mode. Trying to set this property to true will fail silently, getting the property again will still yield false.