interface Tinman.Engine.Profiling.IProfiler

Extended by

Profiler sealed

Base interface for classes that provide means to consume and produce profiler values.

Public / Methods


public method Consume → (1)

value in : ProfilerValue

The profiler value.

returns → IProfilerValueConsumer

The profiler value consumer.

Consumes a profiler value.


public method Contains → (1)

value in : ProfilerValue

The profiler value.

returns → bool

true if the profiler value in is contained,
false if not.

Does this profiler contain the given profiler value?


public method Produce → (1)

value in : ProfilerValue

The profiler value.

returns → IProfilerValueProducer

The profiler value producer.

Produces a profiler value.


public method ValueRangeForUnit → (1)

unit in : ProfilerValueUnit

The value unit.

returns → RangeD

The value range.

Returns the conservative value range for all profiler values that have the given unit.

Public / Attributes


public attribute ProfilerValues → (get)

value : IVectorConst<ProfilerValue>

The sorted profiler value list.

The list of existing profiler values, sorted ascending by their name (see ProfilerValue.Name).