sealed class Tinman.Demo.Examples.Code.Example_DefaultIcons

Full source code is included in the Tinman 3D SDK download.

This example shows how to generate an IconAtlas.

jQuery UI - Interactions and Widgets for the web

This class will generate the icon atlas image resource that is loaded by the DefaultIcons class, as well as the icon constants, including their ascii-art.

Public / Methods


public static method GenerateIconAtlas → (3)

themeCss in : Path

Local path to the downloaded jQuery UI source file:

uiIcons in : Path

Local path to the downloaded jQuery UI source file:

output in : Path

Path to the directory where to output the default-icons.pxb file.

Generates the icon atlas for DefaultIcons.


If an I/O error has occurred.


If uiIcons in has an unsupported image format.


public static method Handle → (1)

output in : Path

Path to the directory where the output file default-icons.pxb has been written to.

returns → IResourceHandle

The resource handle.

Use this method to obtain a IResourceHandle for the icon atlas image file that has been output by GenerateIconAtlas.

From your own subclass of IconAtlas, pass the returned handle to the constructor, together with an icon size of 12x12 pixels.