interface Tinman.Terrain.Georef.IDatumTransform

A IDatumTransform transforms geographic coordinates from one horizontal datum to another one.

Public / Methods


public method Append → (1)

other in : IDatumTransform

The datum transform to append.

returns → IDatumTransform

The resulting transform.

Appends the given datum transforms to this one.


public method Reverse → ()

returns → IDatumTransform

The reverse transform.

Returns the reverse datum transform.


public method Transform → (3)

latitude in : float64

Latitude in radians, in terms of source horizontal datum.

longitude in : float64

Longitude in radians, in terms of source horizontal datum.

height in : float64

Height value, in terms of source horizontal and vertical datums.

returns → Vec3D

The resulting longitude (Vec3D.X), latitude (Vec3D.Y) and height (Vec3D.Z), in terms of target horizontal and vertical datums.

Transforms the geographic coordinates from the source datum to the target datum.