interface Tinman.Core.Cx.ICxUsageContainer<T val>

Extended by

CxAttribute sealed
CxExpression abstract
CxParameter sealed
CxStatement abstract
CxType abstract
CxVariable sealed

Base interface for nodes that expose their semantic usage within their parent.

Public / Methods


public method AttachTo → (2)

parent in : CxNode

The parent to attach to.

usage in : T

The semantic usage, see Usage.

returns → CxNode


Delegates to CxNode.AttachTo and applies the given usage in.

Semantic usage information is derived automatically from parent-to-child relations, which do not exist for attached nodes. This method may be used to provide semantic usage information manually.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Usage → (get)

value : T

The semantic usage.

Returns the semantic usage of this PSI node.