interface Tinman.Licence.IDomain

The IDomain interface provides low-level functions for checking licence keys and unlocking protected data.

Public / Methods


public method Key → (1)

key in : int8 [ ]

The binary licence key.

returns → int32

> 0 : the domain has been unlocked.
= 0 : the licence key is valid but cannot unlock this domain.
< 0 : the licence key is invalid.

Tries to unlock this domain using the given binary licence key.


public method Locked → (1)

locked in : int32

The data item ID.

returns → string

The locked data item or null.

Returns a locked data item.


public method Unlock → (2)

input in : int8 [ ]

Input buffer holding the locked data item bytes.

output in : int8 [ ]

Output buffer for unlocked data item bytes.

returns → int32

= 0 : The number of bytes that have been written to output in.
< 0 : The required output buffer length (negated), if null or too small.

Unlocks the given data item.


public method UseMagic → (1)

magic in : MagicDelegate

The magic delegate.

Performs some magic.