abstract class Tinman.Core.Threading.Operations.Operation

Derived from

Disposable abstract

Extended by

TestOperation sealed

Abstract base class for IOperation implementations.

Public / Constructors


public static method Checksum → (1)

file in : Path

Path to file for which to compute an MD5 checksum.

returns → IOperation

The operation.

Creates an MD5 checksum (*.md5, like Unix md5sum) for the given file.

The operation will create a new file in the same directory as file in:

some_input_file.txt -> some_input_file.md5


public static method Copy → (5)

source in : Path

The source file path.

target in : Path

The target path.

resume opt : bool = false

Resume copy operation if target file already exists?

timestamp opt : bool = false

Update last modification timestamp after finishing each file copy?

many opt : bool = true

If true, source in may contain wildcards in its last path element (thus referring to zero or more source files) and the target in path points to a directory.
If false, source in and target in each point to a single file.

returns → IOperation

The operation.

Copies zero or more files.


public static method Delete → (1)

file in : Path

The file path. The last path element may contain wildcards.

returns → IOperation

The operation.

Deletes zero or more existing files.


public static method Flush → (1)

flushable in : IFlushable

The flushable object.

returns → IOperation

The operation.

Returns an IOperation that calls IFlushable.Flush.

Protected / Methods


protected abstract method DoRun → (1)

progress in : IProgressMonitor

The progress monitor object to use (never null).

Performs the actual work of this operation.



public static attribute Config → (get)

value : IConfigurator<IOperation>

The configurator object.

The configurator object for this type.