sealed class Tinman.Engine.Components.EnvironmentMapResource

Wraps the graphics resources of an IEnvironmentMap instance.

The properties of the ILightProvider interface will return the values of the owning IEnvironmentMap, at the time the cubemap environment texture (see Texture) has been computed.

Public / Methods


public method ApplyLightingState → (1)

parameters in : LightingParameters

The state object to use.

Applies the render state for the given environment map.

The following state variables are set:

Public / Attributes


public attribute LightMipmap → (get)

value : float32

The mipmap level.

Computes the mipmap level to use for sampling the diffuse light color.


public attribute Size → (get,set)

value : int32

The texture size.

The cubemap texture size.

Defaults to 256.


public attribute Texture → (get)

value : ITextureCube

The cubemap texture or null if not yet available.

The environment texture.