sealed class Tinman.Terrain.Buffers.VectorBuffer

Derived from

SampleBufferFloat32 abstract

An implementation of the ISampleBuffer interface that stores vectors.

Each vector buffer sample is a tuple of three floating-point values, representing a vector component along the X, Y and Z axis.

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute ScanlineRangeDefault → (PixelRange)

The default value of ISampleBuffer.ScanlineRange.

Public / Constructors


public static method Create → (3)

width in : int32

Width of the elevation buffer.

height in : int32

Height of the elevation buffer.

tupleSize in : int32

The tuple size of each buffer sample.

returns → VectorBuffer

The created VectorBuffer object.

Creates a new instance of VectorBuffer.

Instances of ElevationBuffer can be pooled by calling IDeletable.Delete.