sealed class Tinman.Engine.GUI.Components.ClickButton

Derived from

PushButton abstract

A clickable button with optional text and icon image.

The following default Layout settings are defined for ClickButton objects:

The following styles are set in the constructor:

Public / Constants


public static readonly attribute Class → (StyleClass)

The style class for ClickButton.

Public / Constructors


public constructor ClickButton → (2)

text opt : string = null

The button text.

icon opt : IResourceHandle = null

The button icon (see Style.Icon).

Creates a new instance of ClickButton.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Toggling → (get,set)

value : bool

true to enable toggle-mode, i.e. clicking will toggle the button between pressed and released states,
false to disable toggle-mode, i.e. clicking will only press the button down briefly.

Sets the toggle-mode of this click button.

Defaults to false.