abstract class Tinman.Engine.Scenes.Entities.TerrainLayerProvider

Derived from

SceneEntityBase abstract

Extended by

ShapeLayer sealed
TextureLayer sealed

Abstract base class for ISceneEntity implementations that add a TerrainLayer to the TerrainMesh of the IScene.

Public / Methods


public method HideUntilReady → (1)

view in : ISceneView3D

The scene view for which to wait for texturing to complete or null for cancel waiting for all views.

Hides the terrain layer until its texture progress in the given view in reaches 100%.

Public / Attributes


public attribute Layer → (get)

value : TerrainLayer

The TerrainLayer or null if not attached to a scene.

Returns the associated TerrainLayer object in the TerrainMesh of the attached IScene.

For each TerrainLayerProvider entity in a scene, a separate TerrainLayer is maintained, where TerrainLayer.Name and INameProperty.Name are identical.

Protected / Attributes


protected attribute layer → (TerrainLayer)

The current terrain layer or null if not prepared.

Subclasses must override ISceneEntity.SceneAttach and initialize this field. The ISceneEntity.SceneDetach method removes the terrain layer and clear this field.