abstract class Tinman.Engine.Components.EnvironmentMap

Derived from

VersionedBase abstract

Extended by

EnvironmentMapImage sealed
EnvironmentMapSky sealed
EnvironmentMapTransform sealed

Abstract base class for IEnvironmentMap implementations.

The default property implementations behave as follows:

Public / Methods


public static method LightVector → (2)

altitude in : float64

The altitude angle of the light, in the range [-90..90] degrees.

azimuth in : float64

The azimuth angle of the light, in the range [-180..180] degrees.

returns → Vec3D

The unit-length light direction vector, in cartesian coordinates:

  • Y+ : up-vector (towards zenith)

  • X+ : side-vector (cross product of north-direction and up-vector.

  • Z+ : cross product of side-vector and up-vector.

Computes the direction vector of a light in this environment map.

Protected / Constructors


protected constructor EnvironmentMap → ()

Creates a new instance of EnvironmentMap.