interface Tinman.Engine.Rendering.ILineThickness

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Graphics sealed
Renderer sealed

Base interface for classes that allow to choose a thickness for rendering lines.

Public / Attributes


public attribute LineThickness → (get,set)

value : float32

The line thickness, in pixels. Will be clamped to the range [1..n], where n is the maximum line thickness, as defined by ILineFeatureLevels.FeatureLevel.

The line thickness to use for rendering Primitive.LineList and Primitive.LineStrip primitives.

When set to 1, lines are rendered with a thickness of one screen pixel, using the alpha channel for transparency.

When set to value greater than 1, lines are rendered with the given thickness. The alpha channel is ignored.

As best practice, reset the line thickness to the default value after rendering thick lines.

Defaults to 1.