interface Tinman.Core.Formatting.IStringOp

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StringOp abstract

A single operation during string escaping.

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Public / Methods


public method Process → (3)

input in : string

The input string.

offset in : int32

Offset into input in to the first character of the sequence to process.

output in : StringBuilder

The builder to use for outputting the processed character sequence.

returns → int32

The value of offset in, plus the number of characters in input in that have been processed. If equal to offset in, this string operation will not have performed any processing.

Processes the character sequence in input in starting at the given offset in.


public method Reverse → ()

returns → IStringOp

The reverse string operation or null iff the modification is irreversible.

Returns a string operation that reverses the modification of this string operation.

Public / Attributes


public attribute IsReversible → (get)

value : bool

true if this string operation is reversible,
false if it is irreversible.

Is this string operation reversible?