interface Tinman.Engine.Models.IMaterialPart

Derived from


Extended by

MaterialPart abstract

A part of a IMaterial definition.

Public / Methods


public method Clear → ()

Clears all material part properties to their default values.


public method IsDefault → (2)

map opt : bool = true

Include Map in the check?

value opt : bool = true

Include the material value in the check?

returns → bool

true if all chosen material part properties have default values,
false if not.

Does this material part have default property values?

Public / Attributes


public attribute Channel → (get,set)

value : int32

The texture channel to use:
0 : red
1 : green
2 : blue
3 : alpha
Will be -1 iff this is a multi-channel material part.

The texture channel to use for single-channel material parts.

This property is ignored for the multi-channel material parts: IMaterial.BaseColor, IMaterial.Emissive, IMaterial.Normal, IMaterial.Reflectivity and IMaterial.Translucency. Defaults to 0, i.e. the red channel.


public attribute Flags → (get,set)

value : MaterialFlags

The material texture flags.

The texture flags of this material part.

Defaults to MaterialFlags.None.


public attribute Map → (get,set)

value : IModelTexture

The model texture or null.

The texture map of this material part.

Defaults to null.