This tutorial creates an accurate 3D terrain that represents the Earth.

The tutorial uses the TerrainMesh API to setup and render a geo-referenced planetary 3D terrain:

  • Accurate ellipsoid and geoid

  • Multiple DEM sources

  • Multiple imagery sources

  • Vector shape overlays

  • Streaming of online data

  • Local use of offline data

How to use


The Imagery Layer editor can be used to select the data source of the imagery that is used for unique texturing of the Earth terrain:

  • Datasets

    The Earth raster datasets of the Demo Application are combined at run-time to generate image data for a typical physically-based rendering workflow: albedo, normalmaps, gloss and reflectivity.

  • BingMaps

    The BingMapsPyramid is used to access the BingMaps service.

  • GoogleMaps

    The GoogleMapsPyramid is used to access the GoogleMaps service.

The BingMaps API key and GoogleMaps API key fields can be used to provide your API key for those services. Press Apply API keys to apply them.

When using an API key, the services are accessed in PRODUCTION mode, causing billable transactions. Without an API key, all accesses are made in DEBUG mode. In DEBUG mode, no billable transaction are made; instead, all accesses count to towards the free quota of the server. The DEBUG mode may stop working for reasons outside of the scope of the Demo Application.


This tutorial uses an aggregated Terrain View widget.

Use the standard GUI controls to manipulate the scene.

See Controls for details.