interface Tinman.Terrain.Meshing.IBatchContainerBase

Base interface for IMeshTraversal classes that hold a sequence of batches.

Public / Methods


public method ClearBatches → ()

Clears all batches.


public method GetBatchForSector → (1)

sector in : int32

The mesh sector.

returns → int32

The batch index or -1 iff there is no batch for sector in.

Returns the rendering batch for the given mesh sector.


public method GetQuadrantMaskForBatch → (1)

batch in : int32

The batch index.

returns → int32

The quadrant mask of the batch in, see SectorBatch.QuadrantMask.

Returns the quadrant mask of the given batch.


public method GetSectorForBatch → (1)

batch in : int32

The batch index.

returns → int32

The sector index of the batch in, see SectorBatch.Sector.

Returns the sector index of the given batch.


public method IsBatchEmpty → (1)

batch in : int32

The batch index.

returns → bool

true if the rendering batch is empty or non-existent,
false if the rendering batch is non-empty.

Checks if the given rendering batch is empty (see IBatch.IsEmpty).

Public / Attributes


public attribute BatchCount → (get)

value : int32

The number of rendering batch elements.

Returns the current number of rendering batches that are buffered by this object.