interface Tinman.Engine.Widgets.IWidgetGuiConsumer

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Base interface for classes that consume WidgetGui values.

Public / Methods


public method WidgetGuiAttach → (1)

widgetGui in : IWidgetGui

The WidgetGui instance.

Attaches this object to the given WidgetGui instance.

As best practice, implementing classes should create their user interface components in this method and call IWidgetGui.PanelAdd accordingly.

The calls to WidgetGuiAttach resp. WidgetGuiDetach may be omitted, for example when running without a widget GUI overlay. Implementing classes must take this into account and should not rely on the premise that this method is always called.


public method WidgetGuiDetach → ()

Detaches this object from its WidgetGui instance.

Implementing classes must remove all panels via IWidgetGui.PanelRemove that they have added to the widget GUI.