abstract class Tinman.Terrain.Rendering.TexelBufferBitPattern16

Derived from

TexelBufferBitPattern abstract

Abstract base class for TexelBuffers that encode texels in 16-bit words, using one or more channels with up to 8 bits each.

Protected / Constructors


protected constructor TexelBufferBitPattern16 → (8)

width in : int32

The buffer width, in texels.

height in : int32

The buffer height, in texels.

format in : TextureFormat

The texture format.

mipmap in : TexelBuffer own

Texel buffer of next mipmap or null.

channel0Bits in : int32

Bit count of first channel (starting from least significant bit).

channel1Bits opt : int32 = 0

Bit count of second channel or 0 if not used.

channel2Bits opt : int32 = 0

Bit count of third channel or 0 if not used.

channel3Bits opt : int32 = 0

Bit count of fourth channel or 0 if not used.

Creates a new instance of TexelBufferBitPattern16.