abstract class Tinman.Terrain.Pyramids.Pyramid<TData ref>

Derived from

PyramidBase abstract

Extended by

PixelPyramid abstract
TexelPyramid abstract

Abstract base class for IPyramid implementations.

Protected / Constructors


2 overloads

protected constructor Pyramid1 → (1)

pyramid in : IPyramidBase

The pyramid to take values from for IPyramidBase.TileSize, IPyramidBase.FullSize and IPyramidBase.TilePad.

Creates a new instance of Pyramid.

protected constructor Pyramid2 → (4)

type in : MapType

The map type.

tileSize in : int32

The tile size.

fullSize in : int32

The size of the bottom-most level.

tilePad in : int32

The tile pad width.

Creates a new instance of Pyramid.

Protected / Methods


protected abstract method DoGetTileData → (7)

face in : CubemapFace

The cubemap face.

level in : int32

The pyramid level.

in : int32

The tile X-coordinate.

in : int32

The tile Y-coordinate.

data in : TData

Output buffer to data content.

dataX in : int32

X-coordinate of top-left pixel in data in to fill.

dataY in : int32

Y-coordinate of top-left pixel in data in to fill.

returns → TileDataResult

The result code.

Get the data content of the given pyramid tile.

The given pyramid tile coordinates are always valid.


If an I/O error has occurred.